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«Gusli» is an ethnic string musical instrument, the most popular in the territory of the Slavic countries and undeservedly forgotten today. Play the instrument with fingers, using a pinch or a special mediator.

We took the best traditions of making gusli, modernized them, introduced author's developments and got a sounding, compact and easy to learn instrument.

Due to the special resonating wood and the construction, the gusli with its lulling sounds have a meditative effect on the brain, are put into a state of relaxing (alpha and theta brain rhythms), immerse in the ocean of revelations and insights, activate DNA.

Gusli are ideal for studying with children for learning music and developing creative abilities.

We found the most optimal price-quality ratio to spread the forgotten art of harmonization and immersion into an altered state of consciousness.

LENGTH: 66 cm
WIDTH: 30 cm
HEIGHT: 4.5 cm
UPPER DECA: Resonant Carpathian spruce/Maple
BODY: Pine
VIRBELS: Chrome, Meyne (Germany)
STRINGS: Guitar, the highest quality

An individual painting for your energy is agreed with you separately, according to your drawings, layouts and wishes. Painting involves applying sacred symbols to an instrument that is close to you. The cost of painting is included in the price of the instrument.

The minimum term for the individual order is one month! Worldwide shipping.

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