Daiva Pro Max 12 notes handmade compact overtone sound-bells chimes from resonating aluminium alloy

Daiva Pro Max

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 «DAIVA PRO MAX®»  is a percussion instrument, consisting of aluminum tubes different lengths of special alloy, calculated according to the proportion of Fibonacci.

This resonant alloy of primary aluminum is inspired by the alloys of Tibetan bowls, and also has a beneficial effect on human and holds the sound about a minute after the impact.  This post-sound with many obertones has a therapeutic effect on the body, relaxes and harmonizes.

Beside this, «DAIVA PRO MAX®» has a unique system of mount with strong paracord rope and foam rubber bushings. This allows achieve a clear sound without rattling the rope in the holes and an impressive sustain - up to 90 seconds.

Recent studies on the newest medical wave mashine have shown, that «DAIVA PRO MAX®»  kills many kinds of fungi in the body, activates the endocrine and immune systems and increases resistance to parasitic formations and viruses. This means that «DAIVA PRO MAX®»  is not only a harmonious musical instrument, but also an instrument for healing.

On «DAIVA PRO MAX®»  can play EVERYONE regardless of gender, age and / or the presence of a special musical education. All notes are harmonious to each other, and are tuned according to the diatonic principle.

 «DAIVA PRO MAX®»  is charged to:


HARMONY: Do Re Me Mi Fa# Sol La Si Do Re Mi Fa# Sol 432 Hz
MATERIAL: Special resonating alloy of primary aluminum, handle - beech, stick - beech, leather
WEIGHT: 2.7 kg
COLOR: Silver gloss

Complete with a bag, stick, a cloth for storage and a scheme of chords.

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