Gu Workshop

Gu Workshop

Gu is not just the oldest syllable, which in Sanskrit means "deep sound". Gu is a whole philosophy, which includes the unification of people with each other and with Creator through the sound of high vibrations. We are all a lot of overtones and sounds in the boundless divine and harmonious chord of the universe. When a person separates himself from God, his sound is included in the dissonance with a general harmonious symphony, and there are a lot of diseases, stresses and disappointments.

Our workshop does not just musical instruments.These are real instruments for healing, harmonization and recovery, having a therapeutic effect. Through meditative sounds and intuitive melodies a person becomes whole, and returns to his true sound, revealing the Creator within himself. Sound therapy, in our opinion - is the medicine of the future, and we bring our own feasible contribution to its development

Gu Workshop is:

  • Only high-quality materials and alloys with maximum resonance and overtones. Some of them are unique in their kind;
  • Maximum attention to sound quality and harmonic tunes;
  • Long experience of creativity and experimentation;
  • Unique author's solutions and constructions;
  • Clinical studies confirming beneficial effects on the human body;
  • High-precision tuning at the therapeutic and sacral frequency of 432 Hz;
  • Anyone can play on our instruments, regardless of gender, age and / or special musical education. A special fine tuning by the diatonic principle makes all notes harmonious to each other, and will not let you play fake;
  • All instruments can be used both by professional musicians in groups or solo (440 Hz tuning is available), and at home for the purposes of healing and harmonizing oneself, near and surrounding space.

Everything we do - we do it with love and for happiness. Therefore, we are glad to invite you again to become a part of the divine melody.

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