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Gu workshop is an association of people who embody and explore the ancient principles of sound healing. We are all parts of the Divine Harmony, sounds, frequencies and energy. When we separate ourselves from the general chord, consciously or not, we are knocked out of the general sound, and our inner world lowers its frequency, which causes various diseases.

The effect of sound therapy is based on the principle of resonance, when we can "pull up" or normalize the frequencies of our cells, inner organs, various systems inside the body to a natural, original sound. All our high-vibtation musical instruments have a lot overtones which heal the mind, body and soul. They are created  for self-restoration, self-harmonization and self-healing.

"Gu" is the principle of sound treatment on many levels, not only physical, but also psychological, emotional and more subtle. Gu is the harmony of geometry, mathematics and music as a single principle of impact on the environment and man. Years of sound research, hundreds of sound therapy sessions, both individual and group, clinical testing of our instruments on medical diagnostic devices, design and development using the principles of the Golden Section, acoustics and mathematics - all this turns our musical instruments into sound pills of the future.
Every day of our life is unique, every moment is valuable, every sound affects us. So let's surround ourselves with only harmonious consonances and favorable frequencies, which will bring harmony, joy and prosperity into our lives.

Gu - high vibrations workshop!

  • Nataliya Nazhmi-Ukho, Vice-Prezident of the International Charitable Foundation in Ukraine

    Nataliya Nazhmi-Ukho, Vice-Prezident of the International Charitable Foundation in Ukraine

    Beautiful and healing music with proved psycological, emotional and medical affect. Great initiative!

  • Viktoria Voloshina

    Viktoria Voloshina

    Daiva is a magic) Received an order on Tuesday, and on Wednesday sick, fever, sore throat. I had a great interest in the novelty at my house, and I forgot about the need to take medicine, periodically took the instrument and sounded) I was very surprised when, in the evening, after measuring the temperature, it dropped, and my physical well-being became different, And so I decided to go to the experiment and did not drink anything from a cold, I have experience in “Siberian Health” and I know how to recover quickly. I was surprised) When the faces like my recovery came from the sound that the beautiful "Dive" made. For me it was a discovery and my faith in sound therapy has increased)

  • Lilia Matiychin

    Lilia Matiychin

    Many thanks for the "Daiva"! She is magic !!!! Her possibilities to change the world around her in the hands of the Master are simply endless !!!

  • Ružena Cheshko

    Ružena Cheshko

    "Daiva" is Divine Instrument... sound fabulous! Participated in meditation after Slavic gymnastics and while traveling by boat on the rivers and bays of Kiev. Very cool!

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